And the Answer is…

18921635_45Nicohl207591399168_3007919755954473335_nMy goal is to expand on, clarify or just plain answer as many questions as we have received through your comments…So beware,,,the flow may be crazy fun…

That red and white cow (see photo) you saw Russ, is my last Milking Shorthorn…oops, I also have her calf from last year, a bull; bulls are all  she has ever had! She is due again on August 6…

Now to explain the 1%, 2% and whole milk for those not getting the video to play thru… Short version, whole milk is not all fat…it’s 3.2%, so like many people who have written saying they didn’t know, they are also saying they intend to drink the whole milk because it tastes better!!!

Now email, write or call your local, state and federal reps, telling them to advertise milk this way before millions more kids are ruined from being life long milk drinkers, by pushing that shitty tasting 1% on them….

Two 8oz glasses of good whole milk is not the cause of our obesity problem! Do you see anyone mowing their lawn with a push mower, raking leaves, shoveling snow other than someone driving a truck with Landscaper written on the side!!!

Lack of work other than finding a remote, putting in a video game or texting…Pretty soon people won’t have fingers just thumbs!

Ok, rant over…Now for the comments on how you didn’t realize how much we do! Well, until I started writing, I don’t think I even knew!!! The writing which in turn got the conversation going with people not connected with the farm way of life has even given me a different view.

Like, saying it’s hard is not really the right word; it’s more long…! If you farm like we do, you work every day, most often a minimum of 14 hours, so at that rate you’re putting in 98 hours a week! Think of it this way: I work two weeks and two nine hour days in a normal person’s week!

Another big part of life on a dairy farm like ours, there is no let’s form a community or table it, you produce a perishable item, plus work with domestic animals, big animals, who eat big and poo bigger, so time management sills are a must…

There is one thing you can take to the bank…you’ll never hear me say I’m bored…

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