Mowing Hay…

18920367_4hayfield56231711396756_2913876859781146138_nThis is the time of year, deer have their fawns most often in the hay fields…Until they are a few days old they will not move and more times than I want to remember, it was too late…..

Sadly you can tell so have always made it a habit to find and bury!!! It is very hard to see the mothers coming back to the area for a couple of days!

More than once I have stood in a field explaining to a doe standing in the middle of a field. Then many years ago started mowing hay at night when the mom’s more often are in the area and seem to move them away from the noisy machines!

One such night I noticed a deer in the field when entering, so was mowing just half the field, staying away from away from her! She seemed a bit nervous as it was a moon lit night, seeing what was going on was no problem!

Then, through what I had mowed I caught the eye of a coyote walking through . With only a small triangle left to mow, it hit me; that fawn was likely in that triangle!

So shutting off the mower, I started slowly driving around it, trying to get between the coyote and what hay was left standing…Just before getting there, the fawn bolted from the hay, heading toward the coyote who had dropped dowm in a crouch; he was ready to pounce when that fawn got close!

Throwing the tractor out of gear, I jumped from the cab, grabbing a wrench that happened to be on the cab floor, in case I needed to re-tighten a large bolt I had just replaced in the mower.

Yelling in a deep voice as I could muster, I ran straight for the coyote… He took the warning and ran toward the woods as I threw the wrench in his direction and Hot Damn, I walked right over and found it!!!

Meanwhile that fawn headed back toward the standing hay where Mama was now waiting..Within seconds, she had baby over in the other big chunk of standing hay to hide in and I left the smaller triangle piece as a decoy, cause without a doubt, Mr. Coyote was coming by most likely with friends,

Am quite sure they failed, as later in summer mama and so so baby, baby came out to eat and play about dark most every night!!!



One Comment

  1. Love that memory. Thank you for sharing and caring about the creatures that live with you and around you. What beautiful creatures you have the opportunity to share your life with.



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