My Farmer and Me…The Garden is coming along…

Putz and Swiss18893370_456207604732500_5445523421317001087_nThe last few days, in between rain drops I have been getting veggies planted in the garden. Today, Putz was on the edge keeping the Brown Swiss at bay (as you can see from the big yawn, it was hard, tiring work)…hopefully they won’t try to get through…yeah sure…if they can, they will…

I have  sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, beets, onions, carrots, peppers, lettuce, beans, 3 varieties of squash, 3 varieties of pumpkins and cucumbers, so far. Not sure if I want to put in more or not…always seems to be more work than I have time for.

We have a couple of customers who come up for leaf peaking and take some pumpkins back to Rhode Island with them, so hope they do well…Also have some who come for squash and sweet corn later on.

I really enjoy watching the plants grow and flourish. The vine-y ones usually seem to do well, as do the beans. We could live on the beans all summer if necessary, as well as the salad fixings!

So with a prayer for no flooding this year I go forward with hope for a great veggie season!!! I also have a “Guardian of the Garden” that Ed made to add in a few days, just thinking about how to situate him…

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