I Predict…

18882152_45rainy day6663928020201_7720666644211724567_n+Here in the Crik, we got an inch and a quarter rain Sunday night, and it has also rained from ,say, about noon at a fair rate today (Monday). Has rained most of the night and is supposed to today (Tuesday) along with showers, pretty much all week!

So here are my two predictions: If you have short bred heifers, say bred 3-5 months…Can see them being worth money coming up shortly!!!

Why you ask? With this wet, cooler weather in several areas of the country, not just my neighborhood, I can see milk prices going up enough in the fall that many farmers will be buying whatever they can to make more milk per the lack of forward thinking…

My reason behind my predictions is Mother Nature, the one true driver in milk prices!!! If she lessens our ability to get feed or makes the quality of what we do get poor, the amount of milk on the market will drop…hence, our prices will increase!!!

Seems crazy to me that people…dairy farmers…who work with Mother Nature everyday, don’t listen to what she’s telling them…

One Comment

  1. You know . Here in Nebraska we are on the edge of a drought . I also read Wisconsin had 150000 acres of winter kill in alfalfa ground.Plus with beef prices culls will leave on time.



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