Tin Man…

18953114_45Tinman at bedlam7540501265877_4776397157844680707_n***Due to server problems the past two days am finally getting this up and will catch up on others today. (Carol)

Yes, the Tin Man is not in Kansas or for that matter, here at Bejosh anymore!!! We loaded him along with a miniature turtle, sheep and horse pulling a sulky, an assortment of welcome, home sweet home and open signs I have made!

There were also some wind chimes and a peacock! We pulled a Jed Clampett, heading off to Bedlam…Farm, that is…for this weekend’s Open House!!!! Will also bring  Sa-lee over on Saturday…she is a Brown Swiss yearling heifer!

So when we arrived at Bedlam, the goose Jon added to his collection last year wasn’t standing properly…He has been bitching at me all the time lately on how the goose was defective, so I marched over, standing him up the way he is meant to be…then walked away while Mr. Goose stood just as he was made to!!!!

So when Jon came out…my brother from another mother…I informed him if iat any time he needs to move the goose, CALL ME!!!

Now that the Tin Man is complete, kinda think I’m getting the urge to google the lion so I’ve got a bunch of pictures to look at, cause some old rusty wire mesh caught my eye tonite while cleaning up some odds and ends in the shop!!!

If the visions of the lion in my head are correct that mesh would make a mighty fine mane and tuft on the end of his tail!!! Okay, that bent ground rod in the small shed would be a great tail!!!

The scavenger hunt has begun…


  1. It is unbelievable what you can create from junk you have in your barn. I really like the tin man and am looking forward to seeing your lion. Keep up the good work and am so impressed with your imagination. Good luck also with your sale on Saturday and Sunday. hope the tin man finds his ‘forever’ home somewhere over the rainbow.



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