My Farmer and Me…Poor Sadie…

18921971_458184071201520_5698692282232532098_nDoesn’t she look so sad? Once again she has a bad right front hoof and is refusing to get about…Gotta tell ya, the poor girl is VERY strong! Ed held onto her and I cleaned it out with peroxide and put the treatment in it again (Pine Tar) and wrapped it up. Put her back on PenG and aspirin also.

We cannot figure out why this keeps recurring so often. I say partly due to her diet and the weather lately.

She was up and went out with her friends in the free stall this morning, so am hoping that she feels a bit better. When I tried to give her PenG she fought me and had to recruit Ed to hold her again…After which she kind of stormed out the gateway with the cows. Perhaps they will show more pity for her situation…

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