My Farmer and Me…Open House

Today was the first day of Bedlam Farm’s Open House and we had such a great time…We were fortunate to meet some of our Blog followers face to face and all had very nice comments on Ed’s and my writing.

It warms my heart to have people tell me that they never realized farming was so labor intensive and that they truly appreciate our honest writing about our days…

The biggest surprise was to hear people tell us they did not realize that whole milk is only 3.25% to 3.99% fat…They have always thought that whole milk was very high in fat and really not good to be drinking…told them some of the other good qualities of it and I believe we may have some converts to the real thing…

A bit about the photos…1. is Cathy and Maria holding two gorgeous kittens that were looking for forever homes…they found one…I brought both home to Bejosh Farm. I have decided to name them Ophelia and Otis (my daughter calls me Ophelia because I am a Mother Hen and she is my chickie…and Otis just goes well with it, I think) #2. is Silly Sa-lee, the Brown Swiss yearling heifer loving all the attention she was getting. #3 Ed enjoying some good conversation with a couple from Columbia County. #4. Rachel Barlow reading from the children’s book she wrote and illustrated…a fun read for all…

I would say Jon and Maria had a good turnout today. Am so grateful to have met them 3 years ago and become very good friends…as Ed says, Jon is his brother from another mother!!! We thank them so much for drawing the artist out of my Farmer!!!

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