My Farmer and Me…Sa-lee was a hit…

Listening to music...19105820_459057407780853_3727206867895637462_nSa-lee certainly enjoyed all the attention she received at the Open House…People were commenting about how gentle and calm she was and how much she was taking in everything.

I haven’t gotten photos of the kittens in their new home yet, they come out to eat when I’m not watching and then go back in their crate to sleep. Shivers ate the first dish I put down for them and then quickly (with some persuasion) learned that he is a big boy and has his own special place in the house for eating…on top of the dryer! Today he was sleeping in the rocking chair next to their hide-a-way!!

As Ed said, the watering cart is all hooked up and filling as we speak…gotta get the garden watered properly today…no more using the watering can…a hose will work much better.

Oh yeah…forgot to tell you all we had a new little bull calf in the pasture when we got home yesterday…another one of the 5 first calf heifers freshened as Ed had predicted! He has a heart on his forehead, but I think we are not going to keep him or the first bull calf we had this week from Jayda…I actually have 14 now to feed, (milk replacer and grain); some from bottle, pail or in a water tub. Ed feeds out haylage to some and most of the hay they get, as it is done with the skid steer.

We are kind of behind the 8ball, so to speak, and need to concentrate on field work and getting hay done…A bit more corn to plant then onto hay to bale…can get intense with the steps we take, but always seems to get done… mowing, tedding, maybe again, raking, baling and getting it into the barn. Hoping Mother Nature is accommodating!!!

Probably some longer days ahead for us, but very rewarding when the barns are getting filled with bales and the fresh hay smell wafts down into the calf barn and the milking parlor. Nothing like it…


  1. Brown Swiss always get a lot of attention. They demand it- a nudge or a lick. Silly Sally is such a beautiful girl.



  2. It was lovely to meet you, Carol and Ed yesterday at the Bedlam Farm Open House! I love your writing on this Blog and I loved hearing about your work on the farm. And, I am so happy the kittens went home with Carol where I know they will be treated with great kindness and compassion and as you seem to indicate in this post, perhaps become great friends with Mr Shivers.



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