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Photo of the RISSE kids singing ‘We Are The World’. Wonderful group of youth!!! Great job…

With the Bedlam Farm Open House starting today  (Saturday, I know, a day late with the post…Carol) tried to rise  to get going just a bit earlier with so much happening!!! In fact, beat Carol to the barn, not the norm; most often she’s first in the morning and I am last out at night…

My intent was to have all the chores done when Jeremy came with his trailer to take Silly Sa-lee up around 9… Fat chance things run smooth on a farm…

First the milker pump which was due for a filter and oil change before month’s end, decided today was the day when the line to the filter became a bit plugged; was done milking and the first rinse was going through when we heard the squeaking  noise and I knew just what was wrong…

It may not be a long job but its timing was definitely poor!!!

So with that taken care of, I moved on to chores which got almost completed when Jeremy came so we ran Sa-lee up; also moved the Tin Man while to be a greeter while I was there.

When we returned to Bejosh, finished chores then tedded a small field of hay and then helped Carol put the watering cart together so she can water her garden a bit easier… By this time, it was shower and head to the open house again just in time too…Jon was texting Carol at about the same time we were half way there… My timing is impeccable!!!

Had a great time seeing, along with talking about my various endeavors!!! Thank you Jon and Maria for your belief in what Carol and I do…a true life changer…

Then a return to Bejosh for night chores, a bite to eat, then jumping back in with Jeremy, heading back to Bedlam to pick up Sa-lee!!! Can you believe it? Had the head start of starting at ‘B’…Bejosh…and all those trips back and forth and never got out of those darned ‘B’s” …Bejosh to Bedlam, back and forth!!!

Like my dainty little granddaughter would say, ‘that’s Bull shit’… followed by that hand over the mouth, saying OOPS! One of those famous Art Linkletter ‘Kids say the Darnedest Things’!!!
















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