His New Kansas!!!

19030602_4595Ed and Tin Man24907734103_9133549679331096673_nThe Tin Man has found a new home at Bedlam Farm.. Boo hoo, or at least that’s what I want Jon to think, but in all reality it’s part of my motivation!

That is why every year my creations at the Open House are so diverse…Still have a hard time thinking of myself as an artist…more of some one with a big imagination who creates!!!

Can still remember the Freddie Freihofer character on black and white TV when I was a kid! Think it may have been Don Weeks at the time who later was the morning DJon 81 WGY AM of course; one of the first 50,000 watt stations, maybe even the first…

Any way, when he played Freddie he would have kids squiggle some lines on a big paper, which he would turn into a face, animal or something and that is kinda how it started wit me…Like little kids do the first time they get handed crayons and paper; they fill it with lines of all kinds, shapes in all directions…

Then after I did that I would try to turn it into something, never doing them the same… I have always done it this way…there aren’t seven Mona Lisa’s, all the same! Sp this is my thought process…

Then with my son Jeremy bringing me enough round body material for all three, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow; the original Tin Man with his barrel chested telephone box, John Wayne look—may not really have been in the future, a complete set, before going up to haggle out whether he would stay at Bedlam or come home to Bejosh!!!

Besides, Jon was using his search for his heart in his Army of Good, so how could I not help my brother from another mother? I am a big sucker for any one who will take me out to eat!!!

Like they say, ‘in other news’ we’ve had two new first calf heifers freshen and the last one has been kicking the b-Jesus out of my arm while milking her… At tonights milking she was last into the parlor and was in the first stall in the parlor where she could see every thing and never moved!!! Will get her into the first stall so she can see better while milking her to hopefully solve the problem!

Also the hay that Carol raked before coming to the Open House today, was round baled by Jeremy, about 20 bales. So, every one is enjoying fresh 2017 hay tonight!

Good night JonBoy!!!

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