My Farmer and Me…Finally finished…

Yes, my Farmer did his happy dance…our corn is all planted, finally…now onto helping Jeremy finish his and then it will be a serious push to get our barns full of 2017 hay.

Jeremy came and round baled some for us on Sunday which helped immensely. Going to work together a bit to get hay done; he has the round baler which is very handy when you have a field of hay ready and Mother Nature decides to rain on the parade…We like the small square bales, they are easier for us to handle but will take round bales if need dictates!

Back to the video…Ed’s crow friend was in the field with him and was watching for anything edible…not much luck, though.

I worked in the garden and believe it or not, it is dry…seems crazy after all the rain we had that prevented us from getting into some fields to plant (even on our mainly gravel ground)! Most every thing is up now, and some critter has taken my tomatoes and a couple of pepper plants, pulled them right out of the ground and left just a hole!

Have got a couple of really cute photos of the kitties to post probably tomorrow. I am ready to call it a day, as is my Farmer…

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