My Farmer and Me…New Babies

19059896_Ophelia and Otis459525084400752_6651873426754598441_nMeet Ophelia, gray and Otis, black tiger who have come to live at Bejosh Farm…One of the perks of the Bedlam Farm Open House…I just could not see them being taken to 2 different homes, as I feel they depend on each other, so I opened my heart (it wasn’t hard) and my home to these adorable babies.

Ed and I had a wonderful time at Jon and Maria’s Open House over the weekend. Was wonderful meeting people who read our Blog; now can put a face to the name who leaves a comment!

Was also exciting to arrive there yesterday after having Ed go on ahead alone ( I stayed back and raked some hay and Jeremy came and round baled it for us), and see him carrying on a group discussion with the attendees in the shade over by the sheep meadow…He so enjoys informing people on our farming lifestyle…I also think he left people thinking differently and understanding more about it!

Even as little as 4 years ago, I don’t think he would have even considered doing something so public…Jon and Maria are the reason My Farmer has found his voice; the interest they have shown him (and me), along with the support and ‘prodding’ at times, has opened up My Farmer. For that we are grateful…we both feel that we will have a long, lasting and loving friendship with those two…


  1. Aah. Together is good. Even better is a forever home. They are beautiful kittens and will spread their joy every day. Enjoy.



  2. Thank you, so much, for making a home for both of them! I agree
    that they should stay together. So adorable!!
    I look forward to your stories, and photos, about them.
    Thank you Carol.



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