Happy Dance…

19113958_4Sunset59996341020293_3849230695124338817_nMonday was one of those days when I was able to do my happy dance multiple times, but don’t drift off into la la land ‘cuz I will get pissy before this is all over…Don’t call that a tease…Wow, Mr. Professional!!!

It all started with milking the heifer – didn’t kick — happy dance! Then was able to get the last corn field ready, plus planted! It was so wet last Friday I couldn’t even drive a tractor through…happy dance!

Second corn happy dance was a second planting of sweet corn. That means with sweet corn pput in at both ends of field corn planting time, a much longer veggie season at veggie stand…yea, happy dance!

To make the end of Bejosh corn planting even better, our corn (earliest planted) is up and looks real good… so good, will video it some day soon with “The corn’s up everybody” version of the happy dance!

Being able to get all the corn business done in prompt order, I jumped into the 4240 already hooked to the mower and as old timers would say,  let down a good jag of hay…more Happy Dance…’cuz never thought the day was going to be long enough!

As I was pulling out of the field a neighbor that I had done work for with ‘skiddie’ handed me over the rest of the money for that job and ordered a load of compost…we’ll deliver that tomorrow which in turn will mean more money in my own little ATM…Happy Dance time again…

Holy –it, more time left before chores; let me spread manure that accumulated in a now clean barn!

Now for the tease every one kept reading for…I own a gravel bed, have access to a backhoe and most often am dressed in camo (just saying) so now that hot, muggy weather is here, don’t, I repeat, don’t come up to me saying I’m hot…suck it up…I work outside every day, year ’round!

Stick ice in your shorts, whatever, or you may be watching three days straight of Happy Dance videos!!!

(the sunset was a beautiful end to a fruitful day – Carol)

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