My Farmer and Me…Kitties…

Ophelia and Otis are quite entertaining. They were hoarding their food yesterday as you can see by the ‘food’ trail to the couch… and Otis was teasing Shivers with a game of peek-a-boo!

They have decided that they like the blanket on the couch and they have it so they can curl up in the end of it on the floor at the end of the couch.

They are bringing much happiness to me…no, I am not doing a happy dance, only in my mind… I leave that to Ed…


  1. Love the picture of Ophelia and Otis. They are adorable and I am so happy that they have found their forever home at Bejosh Farm. They are indeed lucky to have found their PERFECT home with your family and to have been adopted together. Thank you for your kindness and I look forward to seing these two little kittens grow up together. p.s. love Shivers too.



  2. Well, they certainly are in the right hands at your house! Thank you so much for adopting and caring for these precious little creatures!



  3. Kittens are so much fun-except when they try to climb your bare legs when you are trying to feed them, (I used to foster kittens each summer when I was a volunteer at a local shelter. That’s how I ended up with 4 of my 6 cats. >^,,^<)



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