Yo! Welcome…Come sit a spell…

19143097_4Dairy Month59559454397315_7693107943009866910_oFirst, I would like to say hello and welcome to many new readers from all over the world, who have been clicking onto the Blog lately!! To each and every one, a big thank you!!! Hopefully what we do here is informational in a joyful way!!!

So…since it’s National Dairy Month here in the states, lets have some fun at the expense of processors, USDA, those farming mags and their editorials and any one else we can stick a pin in!!!

Let’s start with milk processors, most of all those processing fluid milk…Things may be happening I just never heard about, but when last Oct. the last processor in NYC closed, where was everyone??? That is one big market to fill!!!

The Mayor of NYC wanted a ban on those big bucket soda drinks….did any one speak saying how milk could be the alternative??? Hey, USDA, think about all those school kids!!!

Every editorial I  have read so far this month is a horror story on how someone gave up milk to get better from some earth shattering problem and as farmers we need to promote our product to our neighbors and Oh, Yeah, we realize that 2017 hasn’t been all sunshine long with the uncertain future!!!

Ya think??? But of course all those organizations are pushing recipes, health and wellness tips…

What the…? My milk check money taken our for advertising and liquid consumptions keeps going down!

Lets try telling people whole milk is 3.2%…to go with 1% and 2%! Even my little talk at the open house most likely gets people drinking more milk than all those http://www.dairy orgs that no one sees or going to some summer camp with an ex-ball player for some photo shoot to make a pamphlet to send to me…Fool, I produce milk, have my own and know how good for me…Drink plenty of raw milk, work all day at 65 years of age!!!

Let’s put some classes in grade school, getting kids knowing  where their food comes from!!!Real food talk…by ‘been there and done that’ real people, not someone with an agenda!!!

Yeah, what about nut fluid along side my cow milk in the dairy case along with soy and any other __it? Lat’s look at the labels over the old apples and oranges test!!!

Welcome from a pissed off American Dairy Farmer in Dairy Month…CHEERS!!!


  1. I agree with you. Every day there is something new that is supposed to be better for us then the stuff the world has been living on, (MILK). I wish I could get raw milk here, that’s what I grew up with, when we had some.



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