It Will Happen…

Yesterday morning my son Jeremy and his wife Allison were having a pre-prolapse problem with one of their beef cows. As quickly as possible I went up to give them a hand…finding Al had to go get Jai from school and Jeremy was looking for a new calf, I went ahead putting things back where they belong and went back down to Bejosh!

Within  minutes Jeremy drove in saying she needed a rework!!! After going back up for a do over and trying to explain, so if needed he could do it…That was when I noticed…What that intense look on his face, listening to my words…bo buts or interruptions…not one ‘how do you know’ or who says!!!

Then while driving back down to the farm, over the  radio comes the ads for Father’s Day…buy him this…get him that!!! Well listen up…if you are thinking on doing that, DON”T!!!

Do what Jeremy had just done, GET IT!!! Being a Dad didn’t come with instructions, going to Yale or Harvard to get a masters in Daddy-ing…no such thing…

Say your Dad is into gardening–go kneel in the dirt with him–watch–maybe ask him why he does it–just might get him talking about HIS Dad–just might go visit his Dad, if that’s possible.

The best history lesson you’ll ever get along with perfect chance to get to know some real superheroes…and you can be in the feature film with them…

One more tip…try the same thing when Mother’s Day comes around again…If it’s in the cards you’ll be a Mom or Dad someday..and mark my words, you’ll get that they get it…just by the look in their eye!!!

***I took this photo while I was raking hay this afternoon and the other one is Shivers in the parlor this morning, keeping his eye on us and making sure the cows were minding…doesn’t he look to be in authority??? (I am too tired to take or look for a more appropriate one to go with Ed’s post…Carol)


  1. Your words are so true , wise and touched my heart. All I want as a Mother is love and respect – my husband feels the same way. It is so rewarding when children and grandchildren ask questions and really listen because they know of our years of wisdom. You said it so well. Your writing is uplifting and always on point. Thanks to both of you for your down to earth perspective on what’s important in life.



  2. Ed, it was great to meet you last weekend at the Katz open house, I wanted to drop a note and let you know how moved I am by this “Father’s Day” post. You are right, as a father of 5 and grandfather of seven, all I want (and need) is to be respected for whatever experience, wisdom, and love that I can share. Happy Father’s Day to you. chuck



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