My Farmer and Me…Willie at the door…

Willie has learned to wait at the door of the milking parlor and Ed will get him a cracker…I honestly think he learned from the crow…

You get to see Ed’s happy dance, also…why? you ask?…It is a beautiful hay day here in the great northeast! Corn planting is done, just a bit left for Jeremy, hay is down and dry so I know what I’ll be doing…first off though, I gotta water garden, as I ran out of water in the tank last night, with a few hills left to do.

***will try to get video while tedding/raking hay today.

One Comment

  1. Such a good feeling to get hay in. This year has been a real waiting game but today was a great day to bale – sunny and a nice breeze. Exhausting work but it does feel good when it’s done. Plus gotta love the smell of fresh baled hay. Willie is such a handsome fellow and smart besides – or well trained. Hope the weather continues to cooperate. Have a good one.



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