Check,Check and Check…

19146227_fairst hay462353930784534_4355446135082374960_n*** As promised, this is Ed’s pre-sick post…Two of the five full hay wagons are under here and other three are in another shed..

Despite the skies turning cloudy this afternoon, the old odometer sure racked up the miles today (Thursday).  To start with I went up and planted corn catching up to Jeremy’s last two fields he is working on which one of is still on the wet side…One good day, that is all we need and the damned forecast doesn’t look the part!!!

Since both of us had hay down to bale, changing gears we did…For me, Carol was raking our hay while I was up planting corn…

So upon return I could grease up the baler and start right in!!! Knowing the jag of hay we had ready was most likely more than would fit on our five wagons, I had Jeremy lined up with his round baler for later in the day, to rescue me!

That he did by baling 28 round bales while I filled the wagons with 630 small aquare bales!! By the way, any takers on unloading some? Most of the hay this time of year we unload in an open shed…all you have to do is throw it out of the wagon and I’ll stack…

Unless, of course, you have lots of friends to place in between us, then you don’t have to throw as far and I’ll not walk as far!!! With rain on the way tomorrow (Friday) my son Jess back four of the five wagons under cover!

If I am lucky, will unload the other, in fact in years past have been know to get up extra early to unload before milking even!!!

Regardless, the hard part is done, it is baled and most is under cover…Those round bales will be OK, will just get then under cover as soon as possible…Chances are they will be used for heifers or even some of the beef animals and not milk cows…

The forecast for the next few days, although, may look really crappy, can always hope the corn gets finished, sunny days prevail and lots of good hay gets put up for all those critters on farms out there, cause sadly, what goes around, comes around…which simply put, means winter will be back!

Bad words..Bad words…Darned!!

***So today my Farmer is feeling a bit better, although has no stamina…Is laying down again, so hope feeling better is in the cards for him…  Jess was here to clean the free stall barn and feed most of the cows…Chad, Kate, Kaylah and Jordan came to pick up 3 calves to raise for us until after the fair and also took their BS cow home after spending a couple of months with Willy!!!

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