20 in 2

19059831_morning glories461138537572740_1716304802547685123_nMy new diet…20 lbs lost in 2 days on my new golden throne ride to hell and back! Starting to get some ability to help, so did some skid steer work this a.m….Can’t walk or do much physical, get whipped really fast.

As of today I am starting to eat and keep it down, I think…at least so far. It is amazing the things that show up with a slimmer new bod!!! Well on second thought, maybe we don’t need to discuss some new found sights!

Any way, am proud of Carol jumping in and taking over, also to everyone sending their thoughts and prayers!

I hope to be happy dancing real soon with this sleek new bod I have amassed or should it be said unamassed!!! Yeah, I know, not a word…

***He has promised me to go to see our doctor tomorrow…it’s certainly not like him to actually miss work and sleep the day away! He gets so tired and weak quickly I am really worried…Please continue the positive vibes to Bejosh…Thank you.   Oh, the photo is one of his creations with the wild morning glories growing around it…Can’t seem to get rid of them very easily, so trying to get a good look with them…***


  1. Yikes! That’s a pretty drastic weight loss! I do hope in spite of that you are feeling better!
    Happy Father’s Day to you.



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