My Farmer and Me…Dr. @ 1:45


My Farmer is still not up to par, so appointment with our family doctor at 1:45. I can tell he REALLY doesn’t feel well because he isn’t fighting the idea.

All the gran kids are wishing him a speedy recovery, as are his kids and numerous friends. We so appreciate all the well wishes he has gotten. Thank you all so much…Am sure my Farmer will be up and running soon!!!


  1. What a great looking bunch of grandkids you and Carol have. Good luck at the doctor’s office. Hope he gets to the bottom of your illness and you recover from it soon.



  2. Sheila and Mahonga Heila are wishing you a speedy recovery from your weekend illness! They hope you will be back in the shop soon conjuring up more characters for the yards and gardens within your readership! Take care.



  3. I hope that the Dr. is able to diagnose the problem and help you over whatever got ahold of you, Ed. Here’s hoping, too, that Carol doesn’t catch your “diet” if it was a bug of some kind. You both take care. I enjoy reading about your farm life. Saying a prayer for healing.
    Dawn in iowa



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