It is Still Dairy Month…

19143097_4Dairy Month59559454397315_7693107943009866910_oWith only about a dozen days left better catch up on those big ideas I had before constant rain and this sick spell I just went through ran me off the tracks…

First I would like to say I am so pleased with the many people writing me saying how glad they are to be back drinking whole milk…now that they know it is only 3.2%, not whole, fat …See processors??? People don’t know!!!

Now for some more facts to give you a reason to enjoy more wholesome milk. Let’s say you drink one eight ounce glass at each of your three meals…You would get same protein as in 4 hard-boiled eggs… as much calcium as in 36 1/2 cups of raw kale or 7 bunches…the phosphorous in 2 1/2 cups kidney beans…potassium of 3 small bananas…Vitamin D equal to 6.6 ounces of sardines…the riboflavin in 1 cup of almonds…as much Vitamin B12 as in 1 pound of broiled pork chops…along with the Vitamin A in 2 cups of cooked green beans!!!

Not bad, eh???Begs the question…What’s in your goblet????

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