My Farmer and Me…Not Buzzard Bait yet…

19399777_4Buzzards64365333916727_3808551420523132793_nGiven the fact that my Farmer has been on the sick/disabled list, how appropriate was it that on the way home from the doctor on Monday, we saw this group of buzzards in a dead tree drying their wings…

I wanted to get a picture as they were right next to the road, so I stopped and got my phone out…After getting the photo, Ed yelled to them ‘Hey you Buzzards, you can’t have my old bones yet! I will be getting better real fast!’

Well, he is feeling a bit better, has helped with a few chores and actually just mowed some hay…Says he is fine with tractor work, but oh so slow with the walking…Not getting his stamina back quite as quickly as he would like and he still feels weak. Is laying down as I write this, much to his frustration.

I have told him to give it time, but my Farmer is impatient…now that he knows what it is and is being treated, he should have been better ‘yesterday!!!’ Am just praying his ‘yesterday’ comes soon!!!

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