Have You Heard?…

13062877_257282784624984_4443956655616222001_oAg Secretary Perdue put flavored milk back into the school milk program. Still only 1% chocolate and strawberry to go with 1% white milk…Something former President Obama took out!The drop in school milk consumption was catastrophic, but at least it’s a choice again, even at 1%…remember whole milk is 3.25 to 3.99%!!!  (As promised, a photo of the whole milk cartons in Russia…)

Do the math; in say, 2 8oz glasses each day, helping your child have strong bones and teeth, also made them fat!!! FAT CHANCE!!!

Eleven farms in western Pennsylvania were given 30 days notice required by Penn. Milk Marketing Board…their milk market at Galliker’s Dairy  is pulling the plug! Over production by Galliker’s 85 dairies plus dropping sales…it figures out to be 13% cut in milk used by Galliker’s over a year’s time…

A milk management plan for 85 farms or being one of the eleven having 30 days to find a new market!!! Fat chance…and FATTER CHANCE!!! With rain coming in record amounts now with just over two weeks till the fourth of July when corn should be knee high, there is a big chance that much of it might not even be in the ground…

This had led to tons of articles showing up in farm publications on how to buy grain to keep production up since this year’s crop that is sitting out there will likely be of poor quality …

How about just feed that poorer feed, making less milk and drive those all milk prices for the rest of ’17 and into ’18 and ’19. That just so happens they jumped up the last couple of days!!!

To hell with playing fat chances…let’s go for fat city , instead!!!


  1. Flavored milk is still better than juices. Hard for me to believe that so many are obsessed with milk “fat”. My Mom grew up on a farm drinking raw milk and there wasn’t the obesity problem that exists now because people did physical work and needed all the calories they could get for the energy they needed for the work they did. I think we have a sitting problem – not a milk problem.

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  2. Why oh why would they take milk out of schools. I have fond memories of being a kindergartner and pulling the little wagon full of milk cartons for snack time. What did they replace it with, juice? Too much juice can actually be harmful to teeth.



  3. Can you sell raw milk from your cows? Here in Ohio they sell herd shares so some of the Amish farmers are able to sell their raw milk.



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