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1410Ed2450_315920425427886_6606656872206219834_nHere are a few answers to questions I have gotten via the Blog in recent days. Lets start with the young lady from Australia who so politely ask if she could continue reading the blog she found the other day…Absolutely…it is free to anyone just don’t ask me how subscribing works…I’m a klutz with a computer!!! But welcome…

We do sell our Bejosh t-shirts for $25, along with any of my creations that can be shipped, for various prices… Most likely a good idea to do a video of what we have every once in a while…Duh, Eddie…get with the program…

To the people asking if they know for sure what my sick spell was caused from!…Most likely that trespassing tick we wrote about a short while ago…

Another popular question that comes up every time I write about raw milk…Am asked if I can sell it!! By law in New York, if I go thru all the requirements, have the proper buildings, etc…etc…My problem with all this is I already sell raw milk to Stewart’s who process it, then market it in their stores…So, is there not a simple way we could have a program where those few people in my area who might want to buy raw milk from me, could? I am quite sure people from Ohio won’t be coming to the Crik to get milk!!!

Even with many experts saying raw milk is the wrong way to go…The one study/survey  I found shows between 1998 and 2011, two deaths were attributed to raw milk!  Two?…how many got struck by lightning in that time, run over by a train, or jumped off ledges in a flying squirrel suit…something like 37 last year alone…

Could it be said we try to regulate common sense and let crazy run rampant>>>


  1. Those ticks are nasty little critters as you and Jon K. know from his recent experiences with Red.
    Glad that you are feeling better!



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