My Farmer and Me…My milking mascot…

19399486_46parlor cat6329047053689_7478712377223773439_nIt seems like since Ed hasn’t been milking with me for a little over a week, Shivers feels like he has to be in the parlor with me. As you can see, he gets right up on the cow platform as if it is his job to make sure the last cow stands up in the right place and doesn’t back out…I guess it does help but also makes me hold my breath because it would be so easy for the cow to back up and step on top of him…Yikes!

I have taken him down numerous times to no avail…I guess it is sort of like milking with Ed…he doesn’t listen to me and just goes ahead and does as he pleases…If there is a ball game on the radio Ed is in another world anyway, so I just talk to the cows as usual!!!

My Farmer is getting better with every day, but is still very lame and achy …He gets frustrated and spouts off his feelings of not getting anything done (not true, the last few days he has accomplished a lot), does mostly tractor or skid steer work and I do the milking. Hopefully he will be feeling better mentally and physically, soon…if not, does any one have a room to rent? …for me, not him!!!



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