My First Auction…

19260469_466328957053698_4856993251667394853_nWith all the weather woes and milk prices running this railroad track to nowhere, I have noticed some new listings for farm auctions!

My favorite auctions to attend would be an Amish farm or one where the owners were collectors of some sort…I have bought both animals and machinery, but my biggest thrill comes from plucking up an antique cheap, or that box of junk for a dollar, that no one else will bid on.

Have been lucky enough to buy an old Ice Box for $100 to be offered $500 for it just days later with just a cleaning and coat of poly—…You aren’t always that lucky and in plenty of my barns, stuck back in the corners, I have many of those not so lucky bids stashed away!!!

Have a John Deere one bottom plow in the back of the shed all painted up fancy John Deere green…the perfect lawn ornament you can paint your name one; or maybe someday may put it upright, makes legs and a beak and it’s an oversized chicken!!!

The first three cows I ever bought were at an auction…sold one on the way home, as the guy trucking them home for me said his friend would buy the Jersey I had bought and I’d make the $10 the trucking was going to cost!!! Sounded like a no-brainer to me and I wasn’t a Jersey fan; I had bought her ’cause my father was.

Both of the other cows had calves in them, so within a week both were dry. Then about 2 weeks later a local cattle dealer came around looking for cows due to calf in next couple of months…Hot damn I had 2!!!

The more black cow he liked and I got two hundred more than I paid for her…The mostly all white one he didn’t like as much and would offer me just what I paid for her, so she stayed…She had 8 heifer calves for me over the years and only one bull!!!

Fact is that grade, no so fancy cow was the start of one good cow family for us here at Bejosh…

Never bought any more cows until years later, two shorthorn heifers…even more  years down the road a couple of Brown Swiss! All these auction buys were wxciting at the time and most became money makers, not losers…

But the best was that first time raised my hand to see that auctioneer point at me, yelling ‘sold’ and ‘your name young man?’ Yes, back then it was your name, not a number!!!! Proudly I yelled back at the man amid all the noise, “Edward; no, John Edward Gulley and here’s my quarter…”

Now here is where my father grabbed my shoulder and said we’d go over and pay after the auction was over!!! Regardless, that seven year itch had just bought an old wooden vise which still works and I still have…at that time I was just about big enough to pick it up, and I did and took it over by one of the big maple trees…at Sadie and her son Frank’s farm…and I sat there guarding it, no actually falling asleep with it…until my father came to get me and my prize, then we headed home!

It wasn’t new or covered with shiny paint, but it was mine because I paid my father the quarter he had given me!!!


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