They Look Empty…

19399140nest_466329033720357_2135004974604972062_nWith the great economy rural America is experiencing, you don’t have to travel far to see them!!! No car or truck to be seen…maybe an old lawnmower by the edge of a broken down old shed or garage!

The lawn looks more like a hay field than a lawn!!! Tree limbs from those one proud shade-trees litter that unkempt lawn… Those former flower beds and small garden patch have made perfect landing places for big old burdock, even looks like a new Shumack patch has started…

Second story on the now gray looking sad old house…A broken window over there, a big bee nest hanging off the eeves/..A storm door blows in the wind…The once neat drapes hanging half-heartedly , good chance  the place has been vandalized…Sadly, no one cares!

Now look real close under the porch or maybe beneath the deck…If it is an old stone foundation, look for missing stones or a big crack!!! See the paths down in the bottom of that overgrown lawn!? Maybe even a big dirt pile by the root system of that big old shade tree…

They’re here, at all these places the economy has driven people out of…The woodchuck OR sometimes called the whistle pig, has moved in…

So the next time you feel the urge to go look in the window, just remember someone or something is most likely watching your every step…literally… And that whistle you hear isn’t cause they like your walk!!!

***The barn swallows have made a new nest on a piece of strapping in the grain room. They have actually wrapped the mud and gunk around it and have already got hatched babies…so clever!!!

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