Either Left or Right…

19554619_Headstones467481870271740_1516135348726974782_nWhen you head up into the Hollow and get to the four corners shortly after the road turns back to dirt, look either way…the stories of the Hollow’s history are right there!!!

If you choose to start left, just off the side of the road you will see two head stones (out of curiosity, drove up there this afternoon and found the…someone keeps that small area mowed!!) up on the bank, and they are tilted toward each other…

Not really that odd in the back roads of the northeast, except not only were they put in straight up not once but twice…only to go back to the tilted way, inward like two people leaning over in their chairs to whisper in each other’s ear or perhaps steel a kiss!

Well…that is how the story goes…see these markers are for a young couple married only a short while, when an accident happened…Shortly after the markers were placed, they started tilting inward toward each other…

So the family, thinking it looked bad to have the stones leaning, had them reset straight! To their dismay they went right back tilting inward!!! So beginning the tale of two young lovers, still showing their love from the hereafter…

Hearing this tale years later, a distant family member decided to test true love and had them straightened again!!! But as we saw today, they still lean in toward each other and those lovers are still very much in love.

Now if you turn back around, going to the right side of the intersection, just over in that small open space, looks like it was once a small field…If you take your metal detector over on the side next to the woods, about half way up, you’ll start getting hits…

Most likely it will take you in a square about 20′ x 20′! That area was fenced in up until a few years ago when all that fencing crumbled to the ground from lack of maintenance and repair, most likely because no one up that way ever heard the story on what was fenced in there…

Story was, way back when, a farmer working in the field with his team of horses notices that his horses were sinking…they couldn’t move so the farmer ran to get help and when he got back, the horses were gone…all they saw was a pool of mud! They called it quick sand and fenced the area in!

They say for years people would jab long poles into the mud to watch them disappear!!! Me, I never even set foot in that field and all those old timers heard I talk about this and lots of other Hollow lore, are long gone just like that fence that was out there in the middle of that field!!!

Now, if that story of quicksand kept me on the straight and narrow, going directly to and from there, I wonder what a fenced in  mud puddle and the right story will let me trick my grand kids into????

Damned, I am glad I never grew up! Much more intriguing that today’s right and left politics!!!


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