My Farmer and Me…Minnie and the Kittens…

19429813_Minnie and the kitties67433333609927_290778810647082126_n

Minnie loves the kittens, Ophelia and Otis! They have gotten used to her a bit more now, and she just likes to sit and watch them…

They go for a checkup on Friday…should be interesting…dogs will want to come too!!!

I have a kids gate between the kitchen and living room so the dogs can’t scare them, but they can get through on the left side and they like to tease especially Putz…(she licks their little faces! )And…they are already purring!!! I hope that is a sign that they are content!

So glad I was able to give them a home together!!! I am happy!!!


  1. Great picture, Carol! My how the kittens have grown! I’m so glad they could stay together in your loving home so what’s not to purr about? This post makes me happy too. Thank you



  2. I used to foster kittens when I volunteered at a local humane organization. I had 2 German shepherds at the time who used to love and kitten sit at times. It also got the kittens used to dogs and made them easier to adopt.



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