My Farmer and Me…The Elevator…

Last year Ed and I got the elevator set up on our own, but given Ed’s health issue, decided to have Jeremy help…turned into a family affair!!!

Left photo: getting elevator headed out of the hay mow. Middle photo: Jayda, Grampy, Jeremy, Allison and Jai …Getting it set up on the ground; legs and such…Right photo…Jaiboy adding finishing touches to the set up!!!

Jaiboy kept trying to avoid my camera, so ha!ha! Jai, got ya…

Thanks for the help every one…(except Skylar…she was playing in the house with Otis and Ophelia and informed me she would kitty-sit anytime!!!)

One Comment

  1. You call it an elevator, but on the dairy farm I grew up on, we called it a conveyor belt. The base of ours rested on an oil barrel. I can’t remember how it was attached up in the hay mow. I remember, if you didn’t get the bale loaded on it right, it would fall off half way up and maybe knock another bale off on it’s way down.
    After getting the last load of hay for the day up in the hay mow, we would have a water fight using gallon pails. Kind of refreshing after a day of baling.
    I also remember climbing up the conveyor belt to get into the hay mow. Can’t imagine doing that now. I’m 63 and not as daring nor as limber as I used to be.
    I thank you for posting these photos and videos of your dairy operation. Most every post brings up a memory for me or teaches me something I should have known, but didn’t.



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