While We’re Here…

19429862_filling in67433436943250_7459421830496041542_nSince everyone’s attention is up in the Hollow talking lore, lets just go up the road past those markers, over the bridge where Frank Fuller had what was a real nice farm…He had plenty of land, milked a herd of cows, had a flock of sheep and even raised a few hundred turkeys for Thanksgiving every year…

In fact, my father, back in the 1930’s worked for Frank when they processed all those turkeys. So with all the things Frank had going on, he hired lots of local people for odd jobs that his regular help couldn’t get to.

Once he hired the notorious brother team of Jock and Will to build a new fence! Per normal, the boys were taking much longer than they should; one working while the other one sat!

Being business savvy Frank told them they would be getting one man’s wage per day…With the intent of getting the best of Frank, the boys came up with the idea to steal some turkeys…

Later that night they went back up to the farm and snuck up to one of the barns the turkeys spent the nights in. Not sure which brother turned and ran, while the other went into the barn, grabbing turkeys…

Then, with squawking turkeys in his hand he left and started toward the woods…What the boys forgot to take into consideration was the barns were only a few feet away from the back of the back door of the big farm house…


About 2 steps into the run to the woods, a blast from Frank’s old double barreled shotgun rang out!!! Stopping in his tracks the brave brother raised his arms with a turkey in each, to yell back, “Don’t shoot Frank, I’ve only got 2..”

It was such a strange answer, Frank gave them the turkeys, only after the fence job was done and done right!!!

Old fashioned accountability, justice and barter!!!



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