Got ‘Ya …

19510091_heifer468514980168429_5330316765032708054_nThe other day the guy mowing the roadside for the town stopped out front while I was feeding cows. He had seen a fox in out pasture just above the barn and it looked really ‘bad’…no hair, very skinny..

I thanked him for the heads up and to my surprise only minutes after he headed down the road and I was finishing up feeding the cows, there was the fox…right across the road, in the corn field.

First I took all the dogs into the house, not knowing how sick he might be! Coming back out with my shotgun in hand, I could see two cars stopped over by the hay field on the corner.

After I walked across the road to the field I could see they were looking at the ugly fox about 100’ off the road, heading towards the woods.

Getting into the corn between the fox and the woods made him change course, following along the edge of the corn. If my plan was going to work, he would walk down one side of the cornfield and me on the other.

With luck, at the other end of the field on his side was a big tree stump surrounded by brush and high grass. If all worked as planned, as he sniffed his way around the corn field,  I would meet him on the other side if I ran across the field.

Only once did he look as if he was going to veer off course but didn’t. Then the only question was could I get into p lace for an absolute kill shot before he came out of the bushes…

With the deed done it was very evident this fox was very sick! One of the things as a farmer, this stuff is like part of the job…Kinda like a wildlife police in a pinch.

One of my grandsons , Jeb, was at the farm when all this happened, so I was able to take him along and explain everything from gun safety to diseases in animals…So even though the fox is gone, it could be said it was a teaching moment…

***The photo is of one of the three heifers waiting to freshen in a couple of weeks, resting in the shed.


  1. Scary! We had a group of rabid raccoons a few streets over a few months ago. It made we wish I had a gun and knew how to use it. Thank goodness you were able to find the fox and get rid of it.



  2. For your sake and the sake of all your animals I’m glad you’re a sly fox yourself and got a good shot. I have to say it was also good for the fox.



  3. Well, I’m glad you were able to dispatch this poor creature before he suffered more or caused suffering to other animals. There was a bobcat attack in New Hampshire recently. The woman who was attacked was quite badly bitten and the bobcat tested positive for rabies after it was killed. I’m glad you were able to intervene before the situation got worse.



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