My Farmer and Me…In My Mind…

19424425_rainbow467433296943264_7273701143188488268_nI find myself thinking of how ‘hard’ this summer has been for us; rain that prevents baling good dry hay which is a major food source here on the farm, and Ed being sick.

Most of our hay has been baled into round bales due to the weather…you think you have a good 3 days of no rain predicted, mow some, ted and rake it and just about the time you want to go out and bale it (small square) the sky gets dark and the rain begins.

So Ed hops in the truck to go ask Jeremy if he or Jai could round bale it…quicker and easier than small square bales, but in the end harder to handle for us… but think positive… it is finished and inside. Jeremy has his own to worry about, so try not to ask too often. (except this year)!

Then as Ed seemed to get sicker and didn’t even want to go outside, he put alot of faith in me to keep things going….Again, asked Jeremy for help with skid steer jobs such as feeding, after I did for a couple of times but am weary of the machine…Ed’s nephew Kendall, was here to help for a couple of days also.

As Ed finally consented to go to the doctor and found out he has Lyme disease, the medicine he was given has helped amazingly well. But because he also has diabetes, he had a few more problems that had to be addressed. Now he is getting back to his old self, but frustrated with his stamina…just a matter of time. Can’t keep him down!

I am still doing the milking and he feeds my calves outside for me…and he is back to doing the cow feeding with the skiddie…

Now, if I am not asking too much, could Mother Nature straighten up a bit and let us get some hay? I think we are ready!!! The rainbow was a nice touch, though…



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  1. I was concerned it was Lymes. It just sounded too much like the symptoms especially after knowing he was bitten by a tick. I tested positive for it once and 2 of my dogs are positive also. So glad he is feeling better!



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