Holy Stones…

14681new-view610_340344826318779_8033181408060707077_nFor the last week wither parts of days or like today, all day , have been picking stones on a field I intend to seed down; with a cover crop of oats and may just get her done tomorrow…

A big thank you to Jeremy, Allison, Jai, Jayda, Skylar, Jeb and Carol for all pitching in to help!!! For every one to get an idea the number of stones,  we picked from the size of your fist to half the size of the skid steer bucket!

Picture a dump trailer big enough to put at least six buckets full of stones in…Now do that ten times on a piece of ground about 4 acres…Now that’s a lot of blanking stones, too many in fact!!

Allison said I should start another gravel bed…Jai chimed in asking me why did you plow this?…Jeremy said his cut in the will better go up after this…For Skylar it was just the look and a simple ‘Really?… Jeb just said the place was too desolate and way too many stones…While Carol and Jayda just ignored me!!!

Regardless, as a team we won the agony of victory, then on to another job!!!

***The photo is of an other angle looking down on the farm from the gravel bed…


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