Night Out…

eating cowsLast night I felt the urge to go to opening performance at Painted Pony Rodeo…Something as a kid I did every year with the Ridge Riders Saddle Club. Still remember those rides in the back of my Father’s green Ford truck built with a large box-like rack on the back to haul horses…

With some hay, old belts and blankets, a bunch of us would ride in the back, and I think I may have been the youngest…And back in the 60’s there was no cover over the stands, so if it rained you got wet!!!

The Graham’s, Shawn and Shanna, who own it now, have made many improvements, but there is still a part of me that loved the way Don Baxter ran it back in the day…The girl’s breakaway roping and barrels would steel the show for me…

Lots of real good horses and riders out there. Like in the 60’s there was  wrinkles in the tie down roping…The young fellow getting into the clown business , sorry, but old man Barrett still makes me laugh just thinking about him…His Dolly Parton joke is still my classic rodeo go-to….

Got to talk to Shanna when leaving…Shawn you are a lucky man; that girl is gorgeous…We discussed my bucket list on how I would like to get an act together with (maybe) Mongo and clown the rodeo only if they thought I might be good enough, after watching me on a sort of tryout…Hell, why not?!?!

Every time we go, the crowds are great, it is too bad only get rodeo in the summer here in the Northeast…The entertainment level would only increase if the contestants could compete year round…So for any one out there with the facility, lets get it done!!!

Bareback and Saddle Bronc riders needed….A football high school player, how about bull dogging; your game is over in 4 seconds!

The young bull riders have lots of the basics just need to get on more…practice, practice and more practice…eat right…stay in shape!!!  Remember, my bulls are growing and far from being rank. Too much ice cream, most likely!!!

On our trip home, stopped by Denny’s in Saratoga for a late supper since we had no time to do both chores and eat if we were going to be there on time!!! The waitress we had did a nice job, very polite and friendly. She has three daughters, so in conversation, asked if she knew what percent whole milk was in comparison to 1% & 2%…she was genuinely surprised it was 3.25% to 3.99%…

Her comments on how that changed the way she thinks about milk now, is just one more reason we need to change the label!  To steal a line from Verizon…Secretary of Agriculture, can you hear me now?

How about you, Pres. Trump? Processors, Farm Bureau, Co-ops, my senators (no,  all Senators), members of the House, anybody Home???Damned, I have a hard time dealing with stupid!!!

***  Photo: sunshine and cows somehow got together!!!!

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