Checking in on Me…

1420the-three3106_321352424884686_6054320385922251465_nMy brother from another mother along with guardian angel Maria came over to check on my health. Great to sit and just chat with them for a while.

It is amazing how people from such different worlds find each other and , at least for me, it has made my life more exciting, fulfilling and just plain better. I enjoy helping them when I can, so maybe even tomorrow will go move Tin Man back down closer to the road…

Depending on weather and time I need to get over to clean up around Ed Gulley Memorial Bridge; it seems I can’t trust Mr. Jon with the maintenance of anything…Just cannot imagine a chainsaw or even an ax, any machinery, even just a dull butter knife in his hands in place of that camera…Scary Thought!!!

On the farm front, seeded down that now stoneless field with a mix of red clover, timothy, annual fescue and oats as a cover crop. Then even though the ground was still a little sticky in a couple of places, I rolled it once with intent to roll again tomorrow before the rain of this afternoon…

In the last two days so much rain brooks are running high also can see standing water in between corn rows…Just heard reports of roads washed out in towns just to our south.

Hey…Guess what…just picked a BIG pile of stones to put in those ditches!!! Didn’t someone say that everything happens for a reason???

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  1. Hey Ed, another great post. Jon said you were really sick from a tick bite. Join the club. Hot soaks with a LOT of Epsom Salt (2-3 cups) helps a lot and replaces magnesium salts. Of course with the help of meds from the dr. Wishing you a full recovery ’cause there’s always more for you to do and write about!



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