Happy Birthday…

19665291_Albert471231889896738_8703123722879757011_nNot only is today our Nation’s birthday (4th,Blog was down) but was also my Father’s. A small man in stature, maybe 145 pounds soaking wet, but by no means lacking i what he call mainstay in ignorance…what I call intestinal fortitude!!!

One of his favorite likes to me growing up, and when being a big kid, my size gave me stupid or cocky intentions…Remember, TNT- dynamite – comes in small packages!!! You would never hear him use the four letter language, not that he didn’t swear…

He loved to work, mostly at the jobs everyone else hated!  Until those last 2 years when he was sick, working every day was what he did…As an older parent now, it is really neat to think back and wonder how he knew some of the shit we pulled and then skip it to yourself, knowing that same shit your kids did and you knew!!!

Those one liners of his you are using,,the way you catch yourself standing or walking…Do we morph into our parents or just think we do? Did everything they told us really come true or we just think it did…Either way, I think it’s good to reflect this July 4th on our country’s past…. might just help clear up the path forward!!!

This, I think , is especially true for those powers fighting in the sandbox, formerly known as our Federal Gov’t. in Washington!!!

Another one liner from a smaller man, also known for on liners…Yogi…”It’s getting late early””…Most definitely true for us ‘have nots’ struggling out here in Rural America where, as the Beatles once said kinda sorta…

It is our birthday, too…

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