More Hay…

Best night’s sleep have had in a long time, after spending the day unloading hay in an open shed on a hot summer’s day, will do it every time…

With our computer down AGAIN–well, not the computer, just getting to our blog site– it will be at least three days of good hay weather since we have posted.

The mowing then maybe tedding and or raking some before baling and keeping the five wagons full; then after milking both in the morning or at night, unload a load or two… Hope tomorrow to get some into the mow where we put straw and 2nd or 3rd cuttings, when will have hay right there at the calf barn during the winter…wouldn’t have to lug it in every day along with putting some second or third out closer to cows, the ones that get that maybe cutting down on chore time a bit…

A constant adjust and readjust program to make it easier if that is  possible..

On other front had about 75% of the corn knee high by the 4th of July and the canopy is shaping up so can do a video on that’ so every one will see how much the corn has jumped up after the rain followed by heat!!!’

Corn loves the heat and one old timer I knew would say, ‘if the missus is sleepin naked, corns growing tonight.” he also had some others, not so repeatable, like ‘two men two men, digging a ditch poem…Ask me in person sometime, I may just spit them out!!!Who knows!!!

And from the what the hell’s going on department… As a diabetic labels get read, every label so what is this ‘Distributed by..” or even “proudly distributed by”., I wanted to know who or what made it so I have to go to www. com site, I’m in a store and guess what, I don’t have a cell  phone…I can hardly get the home computer to work  on a regular basis.

Long story, short some mandarin oranges…I like oranges…we bought… we bought distributed  and packaged I might add in Jersey came from China upon further review…

With all the country of origin, new York Fresh came from China of origin, New York fresh, Californian this east pucker-toot Junction, that will some one get a black sharpie and write on food products I already know where all tools, toys, no also most everything else comes from, unless it has got that big assembled in the USA sticker…with foreign parts!!!

All this time I thought we were the ones producing all this food, feeding the rest of the world…OMG Donald’s right…Fake news again!!!

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