My Farmer and Me…Down–Not Out

Finally….got the Blog site up and running again…not sure why it wouldn’t let me post anything for the last 5 days…said I needed to assign a new password!

Has been a rough few days for a couple of reasons…Two friends passed away, one on the 3rd and one on the 5th.  I think is it always hard on the heart to lose someone unexpectedly; someone with no health issues, who gets out and functions everyday.

Lost one that way, and the other was battling cancer…never an easy situation and was fought with the  utmost determination. Both women had a deep faith in God and were always willing and able to help any one out who needed it. In many ways they were like His messengers of good, optimism and, of course, His will. They will both be greatly missed by many, many people. R.I.P. Peg and Gayle.

One of the 5 heifers we were waiting on to freshen, lost her calf. It was small, but perfectly formed…that incident also tugs on the heart strings…

On the up side, we enjoyed a cookout on the 4th with a few of our children and grandkids.  Was a good time as always…

Also were able to get some of the hay baled and put away, finally. Had some on the wagons from over a week ago, and Ed and I unloaded it into the shed up by the free stall barn. Ed had already mowed more so I raked it and he baled it a couple of days ago.

It is nice to know we are making some progress. Once again the wagons are full and  have 2 helpers (Tucker and Cooper) here today to help unload them.  So…I am hoping this catches our readers up on the goings on at Bejosh…finally up and running again…

***check out the white markings on the calf’s legs. Daisy freshened yesterday…Bull…Feet also freshened a few days ago…bull…neither one will be staying.

***Raking the hay to get baled before more rain comes on Wednesday.( the 5th)


  1. I’m so sorry to hear of the losses of your dear friends. It is good to see you posting again and to know that all is well.



  2. Peg and bill are also friends of mine…known them all my life..I share that feeling of helplessness and sadness with you..glad ed is back on his feet and the weather cooperated for a while…



  3. Well, I missed your posts and wondered if all was well.
    I’m very sorry for your losses. Glad you are back up and posting.



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