Sights on the farm…

Every year during normal everyday routines, the wildlife amazes me, more…Back when I was mowing hay early this year a duck flew up just in front of the mower! Stopping as fast as I could  she escaped and  unharmed, but her next got exposed and even broke 2 eggs…

Knowing the crows would have the eggs for lunch we incubated them to only have one hatch!!But a duck in this hay field with the closest water pretty much a quarter mile away???

Then while baling hay today a snappin’ turtle shell maybe 14 inches across was walking back and forth i one part of the field…Stopped three times giving it time enough to cross in front of the baler…all I can thnk is that part of the field has some real nice sand!!! Is it a female looking to lay eggs???

Then tonight had two loads of round bales to pick up…first load we got took up to the…what we call the tin building…just up from the freestall. Then with driving up past with load #2, a deer was standing right there in the road, so I stopped with the skid steer and Tucker,,,grandson…was behind me with Carol’s tractor and the load of round bales…

The deer seemed to ignore us looking over toward the cows eating! She stood there a good part of a minute stomping a foot now and then, bobbing her head up and down and finally moved over off the road maybe 10 feet, allowing and watching us go on our way!

To our surprise when we came back down she was back at road’s edge, cow watching again…

The way she was so at ease with our presence without a doubt her and the cows…I am thinking Whitetail cheese or if they bring down their northern friends, Reindeer milk!!!

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