Moving Forward…

17353340_4Barnaby and BLT18047348548526_3887066329891966814_nWith rain chances higher tonight thru tomorrow I haven’t mowed any hay plus we got all the wagons empty, YAY! Tomorrow even though there is a chance of t-storms I will mow more.

Need to draw some manure to top dress a hay field just baled, an older rented field where landowner wants just hay, no corn…

Then should have time to build a corral in the pasture where we have 5 heifers needing to be brought down to run with the bull…In exchange, we can take three steers back out to pasture.

This allows a re-shuffle of the calves in yards behind the shop…All this is part of the routine as they grow.

One last thing I don’t want to forget to write…It was good seeing you, Cathy, who came over with Jon for a visit, aka tour,of what goes on here at Bejosh! Please come again for a longer visit…Oh Yes, you too, Jon!!!

One Comment

  1. moving cattle is called the stein shuffle were you move Holsteins. Not sure what to do with Brown Swiss



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