My Farmer and Me—My Day

When I went out to round up the cows this morning, I found Drupie with a new calf…only minutes old. I left her out there until milking was finished and then Ed and I went out to bring them both in.

*** Photo shows Ed still likes to carry the calf this way…I was going to bring the wagon, but he got out there before I could grab it. Drupie just followed him back to the holding area and while he was putting her calf (heifer) in the calf barn, I got her mom ready to milk.

We went to our local family restaurant – Benson’s – for breakfast on a whim…last minute. Was a good time and saw some locals we only see once in a while; I dare say it has been about a year since we did that.

A friend brought 11 new chickens for me and we all got to chat for a few minutes and that, too, was nice. ***Went in the house to change and found Otis curled up behind Minnie…he is more outgoing than Ophelia, at this point.

Then it was on to the garden…weed, weed and weed some more…then do night chores and fix supper, milk and back to water the plants…was hoping we might get a small shower…no deal, so I watered them and left Ed to finish up milking the last six cows…

Long, but good day…As I was finishing in the garden, my daughter-in-law texted to say Skylar had taken a tumble on her bicycle…the dog ran in front of her and over the handlebars she flew…gonna be a long night for her and her mom I am afraid…she is bruised everywhere and as mom’s do, Allison will not slip a wink…feel better Skylar!!

With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, we will be getting more hay this week…Ed mowed today…So I had better get some sleep – tomorrow is another day!! Goodnight, all.

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