Old Time Summer Camp…

19875584_4ridge rider74089436277650_945101603629552254_nBack yonder, in the early 60’s , that’s 1960’s, late every summer the Ridge Riders Saddle Club would load up the wagon with food for a weekend, saddle up the horses and head up to the Gilchrist farm in Shushan…down by the Battenkill and camp for the weekend on the edge of a cornfield!

Being youngest member it wasn’t until years later I figured out some of the grown up stuff!!!Like why every year by a cornfield…A cheap all natural port-a-potty (All out before All-Out was famous!)

It wasn’t like all those grownups could change or go to the bathroom like I could at 8 or 9 years old, behind a bush!!

Also near out normal campsite was a train trestle going over the river and it just so happened, the water was deep enough below so the older teenagers and twenty-somethings would climb up and drop down into the river.

Asked my brother if he ever did and he told me he got nerve to do it only once; was scary and he would much rather go bareback riding on his horse in the river, which many did!

One person it seems I can remember jumping off the trestle quite often was Jim Brown…can still picture him holding on with one hand before he let go! Like I said being younger than most of the unmarried members spent much of my time just in the water or ‘kid’ playing in the area.

Did my parents give me boundaries or any of that parenting stuff?…like sun screen, hydration, bug repellent, don’t know, but did eat good and wasn’t made to go home to do chores …Almost think my father did all that and may not have come back some nights…just  came back next day for a while.

They used to take that 7mm movie and can remember in one, I took Steve Bouplon’s beer into the water, refusing to give it back trying to coax him in!! He  even tried stepping on stones, but every time he reached out, I’d pull the beer away…went on for some time…made that young boy at the time think he was getting the best of Mr. Steve Bouplon!

Thank you for a very special memory…And thanks to the Ridge Riders both here and past…was a very special time. ***The photo is of some of the winning ‘souvenirs’ from my Ridge Rider Days…Remember the tank truck explosion in Berlin, NY, I believe in 1962 (?). We put on a Gymkhana for a benefit…***

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