Can’t keep them all…

19875269_4Drupie and baby74089476277646_1712995207727575328_nTomorrow (today) we will take the last 3 calves born to the auction…something I am not fond of doing…just one of  those decisions made on a daily basis when dealing in Animal Agriculture…

Being crossbreeds, their color makes it a fair chance they will go for ‘return to feed’, getting at least the chance to grow up…In the perfect worl you’r raise em all then the elephant in the room…bulls…raises it’s ugly trunk!!! Playing God is not fun plus gets harder a I get older!

Other face-slappers, like the loss of Peg, when animals are involved gets you thinking like while milking,  the supposed laid back enjoyment time in a state of the art parlor…Your arms stuck in between steel, concrete and cow’s legs. That is trust!!!

We work with machines that chop hay and corn into small particles in mila seconds, sitting in a seat with a pain of glass between us!!!

Walk among animals weighing hundreds of lbs more than we do and can be spooked in a heartbeat…Work outdoors in all kinds of weather, risking everything from a lightning strike to frostbite

It is part of us…it is what we do! Every new calf we can safely deliver, every field of twenty tons per the acre corn we grow, field of hay we get without getting wet,barn we build, glass of whole milk we get someone to drink, or grand kid who shows at the county fair, that is our reward!!!

All definitely worth the risk more likely because of how much it makes you focus on the right here, right now…

One Comment

  1. Working around large animals or machinery is always dangerous…combine the two and multiply the risk, like working with teams of horses….just all in a days work, doing what we love…rip, peg…



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