My Farmer and Me…Beanie and Sadie

Our morning rituals seem to change every once in a while…For a while,Sadie was interested in Ritz crackers, then Fig Newtons and now we are onto graham crackers.

Beanie had a few bad days during the winter and has made herself Queen of the shop…she spends much of her day in the open end of the shop where tractors or equipment can be driven in to work on.When she hears someone come with milk replacer for a couple of the Brown Swiss bull calves, she comes out just a blattin…

Sometimes they both want a drink so they will slurp up a pail full of milk replacer,too… Then it is back to the shop for Beanie, in by Silly Sa-lee’s pen for Sadie or once in awhile they will go over by the clothesline and feast on some grass.

Most days that time spent with those two is our entertainment for the day  and neither once of us would trade it for…? It is what makes the rest of the day bearable sometimes!!!

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