19894862_Lulu Bell475555642797696_780840395956269748_nA young lady stopped yesterday  asking if I had goats to sell….my guess is she may have seen Sadie out front with the cows…either way I told her my only goat was a family pet. Then tried to give her directions to a couple of people I know who have goats in the area.

*** Speaking of directions, Lulu Bell, one of the two remaining heifers to freshen, came up the return alley on my side of the parlor and kind of stood there taking it all in, but wondering which direction was out!!! She just walked back out after a few minutes so I guess I gave fine directions.–Carol.

Hot damn it is hard giving directions to places just over the hill or around the corner, ’cause I have no idea how many new places have sprung up in between!

Years ago there was five houses on a ten mile stretch of road; now there may be fifty or five hundred! I can give you directions to Deiners, Shady Maple or Yoders in the Lancaster PA area…all great places to eat by the way…but I can get you lost right here in White Creek!

Want to go to the Columbus Zoo…how about the Niagra Falls of Pa…the first Cabelas in Kansas City, which by the way, is both in Kansas and Missouri…the PBR show is normally in the Sprint Center…still called that, I think…in Kansas City, the Missouri side!

Only parking ticket I ever got was while at a PBR event there. Cost $35!!!

I am guessing that here in the Crik and surrounding area, sightseeing is not my thing…never take days off, so when going from point A to point B, it is business…go and get back…and while traveling its suck it all in time…never miss a trick!!!

So for anyone going on vacation, need your own personal Garmin, just feed me…don’t need my own room, can crash in a chair and if you have a camper I’ll bring a hammock!!!Feel I have good sense of humor along with being thick skinned…What a bargain!

Just give me a call with dates, I am booking up fast!!!

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  1. You are spot on on the places to eat in Pennsylvania . ..I am the tour guide in that area…actually have been taken along with friends just for that reason…they say that’s not true, but I know…haha!



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