My Farmer and Me — Otis and Ophelia

These two have turned out to be such great companions…Otis and Ophelia…for each other and for me. If I am having a trying day, they just lift my spirits…they both have a very loud purr and are loving and giving.

They love to play with the broom,I really don’t know why, but will sit and cuff that thing for minutes at a time…they got gifts from Jersey, of fluffy and rubber balls and felt mice which they also seem enthralled with.

I went back and forth about whether to adopt them and am so glad it only took me one hour or so, of watching them to fall for the kitten magic. They certainly have me under their spell…


  1. I agree. They are so lucky to have been adopted together. I was in need of a dose of cute today. Wow how they have grown and look so healthy and happy. Why wouldn’t they be.



  2. I am so glad you adopted these two adorable kittens. They have such a loving home and so nice that they could be together.



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