19961537_4Baxter76095176077076_3773510845231631223_nMy bad…in the video we made over in the cornfield, I mentioned how our summer from hell seemed to be changing! One of my open mouth insert foot moments…

It seems after our short haying season comprising of three and a half days, we’re back to T-storms going thru a couple times a day, then sometimes over night also!!!

Right here in the Crik got the edge of a storm the day I mowed hay and they have been missing us so yesterday, even though the hay needed just a wee bit more time, I baled it ’cause it feels like tonight the luck’s running out.

Only one out of the four loads from the outside windrows has some so-so bales on it, so that will get unloaded in machinery shed and used to feed calves, mostly bulls and steers in the pens outside by the shop! ***Photo of Baxter, one of the as yet unfixed bulls, with Ed; animal love is a nice thing…

Will use the old fashioned cheap version of a preservative by throwing loose cattle salt on each layer of hay as I stack it loosely, so I can stick my hands in to check, making sure none gets hot!

Hay put in the barn that is not completely dried down is a fire waiting to happen. Just another hazard directly a result from the wrath of Mother Nature…

Crops wrongfully put in a silo can cause a silo fire…Mother Nature is not the only menace on the farm; rodents chew wires, and get into electrical boxes! Birds get in the smallest holes to make nests even the cows and young stock themselves, become way to inquisitive or just plain too strong…

Even T-storms themselves can cause tremendous damage, say nothing about the water we’ve had…way too much!

In my attempt to stay sane in this summer from hell, keep telling myself a wet year will scare you while a dry year will starve you!

Besides, must get ready for the Fair, finish the porch, rebuild a chuck wagon, build a new TinMan, Scarecrow and Lion…all of which can be done in the rain.

Everybody knows ain’t got any troubles when they are working in the shop!!!

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  1. Oh how Swiss love attention. Baxter is a very handsome boy and by the size of that head and those legs he’s going to be a very big boy. Doing hay is difficult enough but when the weather doesn’t cooperate it’s pure hell. Good luck with it. With all the rain it must be thick which makes drying even more difficult. Love that smell of fresh hay though.



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