Yeah, it still looks and feels the rain part, even though none has fallen so far today (this was written on Thursday evening and I am at fault for not getting it posted –Carol)… So bewildered as whether to mow or not , knowing chances it will get rained on are high!!!

So has been trying to whittle jobs off my to do list!…First, finished up metal trim on eaves around the porch addition…Next that front door I replace last fall had one more board that needed to be cut on sharp angle and made to fit letting the door still open and close DSC00723without catching…

After a dozen trips to and from the shop to use an electric saw, handsaw, plane, sander, sandpaper, and even a piece of broken glass, it fits AND the door works!!! A finish carpenter I am not…do my best work with a chainsaw and big hammer!

It seems every time I get working on my to do projects which lead me to the shop and say, fire up the torches to work with metal for some unknown reason, I will also cut out parts for any creations I may be working on!!!

It may be something for a wind chime, a turtle and in today’s case, Tin Man II!! Have been eyeballing these old hot water tanks that had been welded together to make a culvert years ago until being replaced and left to rot away in the ditch!

Lucky me, they didn’t realize those babies don’t rot away easy! Was able to hammer on them knocking what little rust had formed on the inside then torch them into the shapes of what is in the picture above…

Just because also cut the pieces I will use for arms out of an old dura- bend hoop from the freestall that the guy who bought the others didn’t want , said it was too rusty..Ok with me, rust is my friend…

With all this body material, better take a peek at the lion and scarecrow on the google machine…Just maybe they could be ready for the fair… With it raining every day, there is a chance!!!








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