I Admit…Rated R

eating cows

4 a.m. today these ladies were all out…in the road, cornfield, hayfield, front yard, back yard!!! Up and at ’em…

Very seldom will you catch me watching the news or even reading a newspaper on a (semi-) regular basis! But once in a while heave learned how to click the mouse onto news..computer style!

For the first time in at least a month I took a look at the list of headlines! Great way to entice yourself into jumping off a cliff or committing road rage!!!

First thing I noticed was the Trump name is still in every headline!One side of the isle has their head up their ass while the other sides still looking for  their’s…ass, that is…

Everyone’s got an opinion but no answers and we know what opinions are like…an asshole and every body’s got one of those two…All those promises from both sides then the losers promise to hole the winners accountable who in turn blame them for not being able to do what they promised!

In a way this is better than the summer we spent guessing who shot JR! Which jackass in Washington is going to shoot himself in the foot next? Our crazy new world cause you just couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

What makes it an even scarier is it’s also going on throughout the whole country. Right next door in Jersey they had the case of the Blob on the beach or was that the bridge? Maybe both…

All along my theory has been go vote and hopefully your choice gets elected! They then do their job, work with whoever, however, keeping our country moving forward, not just for me, for all!!

In today’s world it seem to be about I…I did, I know and I shit too…Remember what they say about TEAM? well there is no I in country either! Our country needs to get it’s shit together!!!

Tweet, google and share that!!!


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